Health & Fitness Guide 2014


How to Succeed on Your Health & Fitness Journey

by Marissa Herring
health & fitness coach
Garage Mama Fitness

When taking part in a fitness program, people should ask themselves if they are doing the same cardio routine and not seeing results. Do they wander around the gym and use the same equipment, do the same exercises, and still not tone and tighten? This is a major roadblock for people who are struggling to succeed in their health and fitness journey.
Many times, “cardio queens” will huff and puff on a treadmill or elliptical trainer for hours at a time. The next month, they stroll into the gym looking and feeling the same. The “wandering” gym client will stop at every machine, pump out 20 reps, and repeat the same type of workout week in and week out — all with little or no results.
However, results only come from applying different components of training, integrating a variety of techniques, and applying a balanced nutritional plan. True health and fitness experts will incorporate the entire package, and it will show in the success stories that prove their system works. An exceptional trainer will also provide workable plans of action, variety in training, accountability and support, nutritional meal planning and prepping, and even cooking classes, recipes and guides for eating out. Fueling the body is essential for success, so people should stop starving and storing fat. They need to eat to be fit.

May Is Skin Cancer Awareness Month

by Michael Steppie, M.D.,
president, medical director
Associates in Dermatology

Skin-cancer rates are skyrocketing, both in the U.S. and around the world. Skin cancer begins with the uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells, and there are several different types:
• Melanoma is the most deadly of all skin cancers. It is typically a dark mole that contains various shades of brown or black, typically irregular in shape and with uneven borders.
• Basal cell carcinoma (BCC) is the most frequently occurring skin cancer. The signs to look for are an open sore; a shiny bump; a reddish or irritated patch; or a white, yellow or waxy scar-like area.
• Squamous cell carcinoma (SCC) is the second most frequently occurring skin cancer. It is often pink and scaly, a wartlike growth or open sore with irregular borders that crusts and occasionally bleeds, persisting for weeks.
• Actinic keratoses are pre-cancers that can turn in to SCC if left untreated. They are small, crusty or scaly patches, often red or a combination of colors. It sometimes itches, is inflamed and occasionally bleeds.
Early detection of skin cancer is key! Cure rates are high, and recurrence rates are low for cancers that are caught and treated early. It is important to check for changes in size, shape and color of pigmented areas.

Identifying Allergy Triggers

submitted by Allergy & Asthma
Associates of Central Florida

Nasal allergy symptoms can be triggered by year-round indoor or seasonal outdoor allergens. Knowing which allergens cause a reaction can help an allergist create a plan for limiting a patient’s exposure and potential symptoms.
Indoor nasal allergy symptoms can persist year-round and are caused by allergens like mold, dust mites, cockroaches and animal dander. These allergens can be present in pillows and bedding, draperies, upholstery, thick carpeting, clothing, pets and in moist areas of the home like bathrooms and basements.
Outdoor nasal allergy symptoms are very common and usually caused by allergens that appear at specific times of the year, with some variation due to weather. In the spring, tree pollens are a common trigger. From late spring to summer, grasses enter the scene. Weed pollens, including ragweed, start becoming a problem for some people in the summer and peak in the fall. Finally, throughout the year in many states, outdoor mold spores are very common, and found in soil, some mulches, fallen leaves and rotting wood.
Allergists can provide year-round testing and treatment for patients to help alleviate symptoms.

Feel Better With Hormone Replacement Therapy

submitted by Live Well
Medical Centers Orlando

Are you more than 35 years of age? Do you feel run down or lack the energy you feel you should have? Do you feel that your sex drive or ability is not what it used to be? Do you experience mild depression or mood swings? If you answered yes to any of these questions, hormone replacement therapy may change your life.
You may be feeling this way because your body’s natural production of hormones has begun to decrease. The body’s production of natural hormones can decrease by 2 to 4 percent every year.
Hormone levels have the ability to affect growth, metabolism, behavior and immune system functions. When essential hormones are lost over time, they can have a negative affect on energy levels and personal well-being.
This is most easily seen by menopause in women, which medicine has recognized for many years. The male counterpart, andropause, is now being recognized as well.

Healthy & Beautiful Skin

by Susan Meyer, LMT,
C.A., spa manager
Meisenheimer Day Spa

Beautiful skin starts with healthy skin. To maintain and improve skin health, an effective cosmeceutical skin-care regimen is essential. Restoring and maintaining optimal skin health is a concept that traditional over-the-counter products cannot accomplish. Most people have no idea that the top 15 to 30 layers of the skin are dead. These products can only treat the surface of the skin and are not strong enough to make skin changes, which is the ultimate goal.
Sometimes people are fooled into believing the hype from commercials and advertising. After all, “If so-in-so uses it, it must work.” If this were actually true, everyone would have beautiful, healthy skin without hyperpigmentation, acne or wrinkles.
Finding a professional who will take the time to customize a skin-care protocol to fit a person’s individual lifestyle, needs and budget can save many trips to the store to buy product after product that will hopefully work “this time,” only to be disappointed again.
The strength of a product, type of ingredients and avoidance of certain preservatives are all important in overall well-being.
Finding honest, ethical products, as well as the people to trust with one’s skin, are essential in achieving the goal of good skin health.

TheImportance of Oral Health

by Gabriel Sangalang, D.D.S.
Watson Dental
Eating a balanced, healthy diet is a popular topic these days — and an important one. Eating well goes a long way in preventing and delaying age-related illness, and helps to avoid tooth decay. Although tooth enamel is the strongest material in the body, it can be eroded by acidic foods and beverages. Sugars eventually break down into byproducts that are acidic and destructive to tooth structure and can lead to tooth decay if undetected and not adequately removed. Since tooth enamel does not grow back, protecting it is a wise idea.
Maintaining your complete oral health has been scientifically proven to be a critical factor in your overall health. No matter how complete a person’s home-care regimen is, regular visits to the dentist can help to prevent more serious issues that may be undetectable and painless until it is too late.
Taking the time to make oral health a priority is not always easy — but it is the best thing for you.

Three Compelling Reasons to Exercise

by Chief Master Von Schmeling
Victory Martial Arts

Everybody would like to feel healthy and energized, as well as live longer. Well, the simple habit of regularly exercising can offer these benefits, no matter a person’s age or physical ability.
The following three compelling reasons may help people make that decision to begin exercising today:
• Regular physical activity can help individuals prevent or manage a wide range of health problems and concerns, including stroke; obesity, along with all of its derived problems; metabolic syndrome; Type 2 diabetes; depression; cancer; arthritis; and the risk of falls.
• Regular exercise promotes proper resting, which is sure to elevate the quality of anyone’s life. Physical activity can help people fall asleep faster and deepen their sleep. The key is for people to exercise at the right time — not too close to their bedtimes — to avoid becoming too energized to fall asleep.
• Exercise will boost a person’s energy level and offer an emotional lift. Not only does it improve strength and endurance, but it stimulates various brain chemicals known as endorphins. Endorphins make a person feel happier and more relaxed.
When it comes to habitual exercising, the benefits are real.

Fitness-Based Yoga for a Better Quality of Life

submitted by Orlando Power Yoga

What is the Baron Baptiste style of yoga? The Baron Baptiste style of power vinyasa yoga, as the name implies, is a vigorous, fitness-based yoga that is practiced in a warm room. This yoga places great emphasis on the principle of adaptation, meaning that each practitioner can adapt and modify each posture to make the practice his or her own.
The emphasis and practice of this power yoga is to challenge participants to experience a personal transformation, starting from where they are presently. This type of power yoga leads to better balance, stamina, focus, physical appearance and an overall better quality of life.
A good yoga practice gives students an overall sense of being strong and stress-free, and this moving meditation will cause participants to feel great both during and after class.

Summertime Healthy Living

by Robert L. Masson, M.D.
NeuroSpine Institute

This is the time of the year when many shake off the dust, pollen and leaves, and people become more active. The summer months are filled with happy times and memories of outdoor events with children, as well as golfing, boating and tubing. But this is also the busiest time of year for spine injuries.
Year after year, healthy, active people suffer from disabling spine injuries during the summer months. Fortunately, many do not need surgery. Others rupture disks in their necks or lower backs and begin the long road toward surgery.
These patients often start with pain medication and anti-inflammatory drugs. This is followed by urgent care visits or an office appointment with a chiropractor or primary care physician. Quite often, a pain management appointment for injections and a course of physical therapy follows. When all else fails, they visit a spine surgeon.
While all injuries cannot be prevented, the odds of staying healthy can be improved by following some simple guidelines and paying attention to weight, physical health and physical activity.
Every spring and before undergoing an increase in activity, it is important to honestly assess one’s weight. If someone is overweight, lifting should be moderated, traumatic activities reduced and the length of activities shortened because the body is under more stress trying to support the burden.
If a person is out of shape, he should try to get in shape. In addition, if an activity is too straining, the intensity and severity should be reduced.
If the activity is inherently risky, and if one already has spine problems, activity should be moderated. People may regret relying on muscle memory from youthful years.

Keeping the Lymphatic System Flowing Properly

by Edely L. Wallace, B.A., E-RYT, CYT, MT, master yoga teacher
Yogamatrix Studio

Have you heard about lymphatic yoga? The lymphatic system is a transport system that permeates and affects all other systems and functions of the body. When flowing properly, the lymphatic system represents the first stage of health. When this system is sluggish, diseases appear.
Though neglected in the past because of its elusive characteristics, the lymphatic system holds the key to sound health, a clear mind and spiritual awareness. To keep the lymphatic system flowing properly, lymphatic yoga was developed.
The lymph fluid can deservedly be called the “water of life” because it nourishes, defends and cleanses virtually all of the body’s tissues on a cellular level. The health of all the body’s other systems depends on a flowing lymph fluid. Simple techniques, along with a lymphatic yoga sequence, will help you keep the lymph fluid moving properly and, at the same time, ward off disease and rejuvenate the whole body on a deeper, cellular level.

Bigger Is Not Always Better

by coach Chris “Biggz” Johnson, CFT
Trinity Sports Performance

The greatest thing about training is working with young athletes. A common statement from these athletes is “I want to get bigger.” This is scary when the person stating this is younger than 13. My question is, “Why bigger?”
Our youth today see images that sway their thoughts. They watch pro sports, college programs and commercials, and even play video games that broadcast extremely muscular images.
Are we wanting to build better athletes or do we want bigger bodies? If we grow bigger athletes without mobility, flexibility and functional strength, they will not have a solid foundation to build on. We must remember that weight training is different from weightlifting. Weight training focuses on improving musculoskeletal strength.
A trainer’s job is to build an overall better athlete through functional strength, flexibility, core stability, agility and mobility. Weight-training instruction should complement a ballistic training, speed training and conditioning program.
When a young athlete says he wants to get bigger, ask him if he has the hormones, if he is willing to eat the required caloric intake, and if he is willing to do the mobility and flexibility required to maintain his needed speed and agility.
Really, do you want to get bigger or do you want to get better?

3-D Imaging for Dental Implant Placement

by Hal J. Levine, D.M.D., M.D.
Oral & Facial Surgery Center

Cone Beam 3-D images provide high-definition digital data with precise anatomical information
of all oral and maxillofacial structures with less radiation than a conventional CT scan in a comfortable, open environment.
CBCT scanning gives oral surgeons complete anatomical information prior to surgery, which results in less trauma and more predictable surgical outcomes. This anatomically accurate 3-D image allows your surgeon to successfully create surgical treatment plans and guides prior to surgery. This way, virtual surgery can be performed prior to the patient’s actual procedure.
CBCT scanners allow open environment scans and, within minutes, the data is transferred to a workstation computer for your surgeon to begin diagnosis and treatment planning. This immediate access to the 3-D images gives you and your surgeon the ability to discuss your case so that you can make educated decisions about your treatment.
Implant surgical guides, with the use of CBCT scans, provide a valuable asset to implant surgery. Scientific studies show that the use of surgical guides, along with a 3-D implant plan, results in increased esthetic outcomes. Surgical guides provide the best care to patients by providing the highest level of accuracy when placing implants, and your surgery will be safer and more predictable.

Raising the Bar on Health & Wellness

by Karen Moreno, owner
The Bar Method

Health and wellness is determined by individual choices that people make in their own lives. These choices affect their ability to enjoy life to its fullest with purpose and meaning. Wellness includes physical, emotional, spiritual and nutritional well-being.
Nutrition is a primary choice for holistic health and wellness. A healthy diet can support fitness and increase a person’s ability to fight disease.
Exercise is the second clear choice for overall health and wellness. It is important to find an exercise program that keeps us motivated and committed. The Bar Method workout is a great option for exercise. Its focus on full-body sculpting and stretching, safety and effectiveness, make it one of the hottest trends in exercise today.
The Bar Method integrates the fat-burning format of interval training with the muscle shaping of isometrics to quickly and safely reshape the entire body. This non-impact, one-hour workout incorporates the use of a ballet barre to perform the exercises. It targets all the major muscle groups and improves posture while strengthening all of the important muscles surrounding the joints — and it is fun.
Most importantly, people should find an exercise program that works for them and that they can commit to doing regularly. This is the only way for them to be dedicated to their overall health and wellness, and living a long, healthy life.

Developing a Realistic Healthy-Living Plan Through Exercise

by Beth Boyer Kollas, Ph.D.
YMCA of Central Florida

Whether you are looking for a way to gain more energy, lose weight or simply achieve a higher level of health, the right nutrition and fitness program is the first step. These two components work together to provide the body with the right nutrients and physical activity to maintain optimal weight and a stronger, healthier body. However, many people start out with a plan, only to drop it after a matter of days or weeks because it is too difficult to maintain. In fact, it is estimated that 97 percent of Americans are either not working out or working out less than 60 minutes per week.
The response to this is to do things differently. Creating a realistic nutritional and exercise plan with a wellness coach is the key to creating healthy habits that can last a lifetime. A few of the considerations for establishing a diet-and-fitness exercise program include mapping out your daily schedule to make it easy, varying your workout and nutritional plan to prevent boredom, setting goals that are achievable and meaningful, and finding a support system to make healthy living a lifestyle.

Are You a Candidate for Partial Knee Replacement?

by Richard C. Smith, M.D., FACS
Florida Center for Orthopaedics

Osteoarthritis, or degenerative joint disease, is the most common form of arthritis. It causes the cartilage to wear away, eventually resulting in bone on bone contact. Osteoarthritis of the knee often involves the medial side of the joint (the side closest to the other knee). In knees that are otherwise healthy, replacing only the damaged side can preserve healthy bone, cartilage and ligaments.
Because the doctor is only replacing part of the joint, he can use smaller, lighter implants that are amenable to outpatient surgery. The advantages of this include less pain, faster recovery and a more “natural” feel.
Not all patients with knee arthritis are candidates for outpatient partial knee replacement. However, if your arthritis mainly involves the medial compartment and you are otherwise healthy, you could be a candidate for this minimally invasive procedure that will allow you to recover in your own home. ª

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